"The Dark Shadow of the Moon" 40" x 22" #1: Black dress: A: Meaning-Canada: Adultery, Ayotzinapa, Amor, Amistad, Adele. Black Freedom. $280  

"The Dark Shadow of the Moon" 40" x 22" #2: White dress: Handcuffs Meaning-Mexico: Good, Virtue, Religion, Purity, White Freedom: $280 each

"Beside you" 30" x 40" Meaning: Male-Female energy, Trinity. "Telephone or Cell phone - still Composition" : $350 

"Confusion" 40" x 22"  Meaning: Love, Confusion, Heat, Disappointment, Light, Chakras, Fire: $280 

"So What" 40" x 22" Meaning: Water and Fire, Freedom, Rebellion, I do what I want: $250 

"Crazy for a pair of wings" 33" x 36"  Meaning: Black-White, Naughty- rascal style. "Telephone -still Composition" $300  each